Crumpled is a reflection of the times we live in. Set in themes around urban angst,relationships and the underlying feelings that we all feel but choose to suppress to put a brave face to go about the everyday was of living,crumple reminds us that small moments matter, that connecting with one another at a human level, reminiscing about the whats gone or coming to terms with the present and being hopeful about the future is what perhaps brings meaning to our lives .through situations that are funny, poignant humorous and and artists who breathe life into every character with their nuanced performances crumpled leaves us with a lot to ponder about ourselves and he world around us.

  • Shweta Gopalakrishnan

Went to an unassuming place called Castiko Space.. not really knowing what I was going to watch.. what I saw surprised me.. a young bunch of people who really know the craft of taking you into a world of their own. Crumpled showed bitter sweet emotions of today’s world and Drum Roll told us beautiful heart warming stories that really touched your soul.. I came out wondering this is a different side of world that I m in oblivion of and I wanted more.. the group Here and Now lead by this fantastic guy Aakash makes me believe in today’s generation.. makes me believe they want to do more than your regular day job. Makes you wonder why didn’t you do something creative in life.. I found heart in their performance. Something that strikes a cord with everyone who watches their play in awe.. I would recommend anyone and everyone going and watching this.. trust me the time taken to get all the way to versova will definitely be worth it.. great show guys. Looking forward to more..

 -Preeti Bharath Shetty

Last night had the pleasure to watch a perfect blend of humour and talent backed by amazing scripts, a rare combination to find these days, presented by Here and Now Theatre. Five short stories dealing with situations completely true in present times. Special applause to the scripts which deal with the sensibilities and emotions of contemporary youth of India.Actors like Aakash Prabhakar, Mahnaz Damania and Chirag Lobo really stole the show. After a long time, saw actors getting into the skin of their character. Special mention – Aakash Prabhakar for the realistic actions. The tears in his eyes ( in The American Dream) really gave goosebumps. One could feel the pain. Hats off!!!

The show just leaves you wanting for more.

Here and Now Theatre is here to stay. Looking forward for more soon!!!

  • Khyati Vikamshi

“And they lived happily ever after…”

Whenever we hear this line we go back to those fairy tales we heard when were kids. Where everyone was a prince or a princess and everyone got a happy ending. We are smart enough to know that not all fairy tales are true and even the origins of some of these fairy tales were quite gruesome. On Saturday, I made my way to a quaint bungalow called Studio: Tamaasha where Here and Now Theatre was presenting a collection of imperfect love stories. In our quest to find the perfect fairy tale love story, they were presenting us with five love stories where reality seeped in.

First, let’s talk about the venue. As you enter the room, the lighting and the setting are surely going to make you fall in love with the place. A string of blue fairy lights is all that separates the audience and the performers. The setting feels intimate and perfect as they shatter the metaphorical bubble around us, one tale at a time. Seating is on comfortable benches making the whole setting unconventional yet loveable.

Before the tale’s begin we come to know their origins. These are those tales which romance writers throw in the dustbin when reality interferes a little too much with the perfect tale they are trying to tell. The stories from these crumpled pages is what defines Crumpled.


Crumpled - BookMyShowThe first tale (The Connection) is a simple tale of two people (Aakash Prabhakar and Mahnaz Damania) in a relationship re-connecting. Loss of their internet connection is what sparks this re-connection and makes us think how many other relationships we can re-connect with if we only lose the connection with the digital world for a while. The second story Spur takes things a bit further and revolves around a decision. Hasan (Chirag Lobo) gets an opportunity to go back four minutes in time and make a choice again. The choice is in between saving his arm or his girlfriend, Tara’s (Gaurangi Dang). If it were a typical love story, he would have made that sacrifice in a split second. But things are never that simple. As he goes back in time, he struggles to justify his decision and tries to look for motivation to chose otherwise. By the time, the fatal moment was re-approaching, we had learnt some necessary lessons about love. The third story took us on a Tinder date. The guy who had just made the city of dreams his home was also looking for a mate. His hunt was for a girl who is traditional in her thoughts. As the date progresses, his two buddies are working on the sidelines trying to make sure the date is a success. But you know what they say about three being a crowd.

Crumpled - BookMyShowThe fourth story is not just about love but also your dreams. We have a guy (Aakash Prabhakar) who is getting ready to shut down the cafe for the day and at that time he talks about his dream. His American dream. He talks about the time when he first decided to settle in America and how over the years he managed to make his dream a reality and realizing some dreams are better left unfulfilled.

The fifth story perhaps hits you the hardest. It is a Wedding Story which begins like every other fairy tale but the characters in it are not ready to accept it. The groom (Chirag Lobo) is a closet homosexual while the bride (Mahnaz Damania)  doesn’t seem to believe in settling down for life. Their story is miles apart from any fairy tale and its end too.

The production is left to a minimal but what adds an extra charm to the story is the music. Each story has a background score along with some live music. The actors make it real and the monologues especially are touching. After watching these stories, you are sure to feel that for every perfect love story, there are five imperfect ones.


Audeinces speak about The Drum Roll

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